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The Basilica of the Mercy follows the classic guidelines for a building of its nature: longitudinal axis of symmetry East-West, main façade oriented to the East framed by two towers, transept, high nave, two aisles, and so forth. Its appearance disturbs, it is like there was something left uncompleted.

The tower is the element with the biggest appearance and the most responsibility for the city. However, the original drawings show the towers were higher than they actually are. The towers want to be there but they are ultimately absent.

The refurbishment is a great opportunity to recover the original project and finish the main elevation with higher towers. The shape for the suggested concrete pieces emerges from the analysis of other elements in the Basilica. The steel section L50.50.5 is shown in reiterative and different ways: main doors, rails, etc. In this manner, the concrete pieces for the refurbishment are like an echo and link the new construction with existing elements.


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