second prize 2008
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Law of Gravity is the first law in architecture. Throughout history this law has been turned into a challenge for art and technique. According to this premise, the project for the new Lawyers Association Building tries to be a point of inflection between Rights and Architecture. The building is hung, daring the law of gravity.
The program is organized in two basements, ground floor and the main hung volume with four floors as well. This volume is composed of a structural concrete core with a set of reinforced concrete beams above it. All the floors hang from these beams through a tangle of steel cables that go down along the façade. Everyone can feel the weight of the building and the significance of gravity.
The ground floor, half-buried, is a public square which is surrounded by a coffee shop and two assembly halls. Everybody gains access to it from the main street through a winding way over the roofs of these halls.
The Management Department is located in the first floor of the main volume, the School for Legal Systems in the second, the Library in the third and the Chairman Office and Assembly Hall in the fourth floor. The warehouse, Historical Archive and the garage are placed in two basements.


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